Adventure Learning Day

$3 per student plus admission fee
1 chaperone per 5 students free; additional chaperones pay the School Rate
Grade Levels
Grade Levels
Adventure Learning Days are designed for Grades 1 & 2

The Math and Science of Animals

Embark on this new type of Adventure with your students and increase the educational value of your next trip to the Zoo. This discovery-based, interdisciplinary program meets Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards while exposing students to animals from around the globe.

Students will explore the Zoo in small chaperoned groups. You provide the chaperones and the Zoo provides staff to facilitate exploration at each station. Students hone skills such as observation, classification, calculation, and prediction. Each station, inspired by our animals, will encourage student learning across the curriculum including activities in Math, Science, ELA, and Art. Students will complete a Field Study Guide and collect stamps along the way as they explore animal behavior, anatomy, adaptations for survival and more. A fun new way to learn at the Zoo.

Travel between each station is self-guided. Zoo staff and docents on hand at each station for support and direction.

Each Learning Station Activity can be completed in 15 minutes or less.


1st Grade:

1-LS1 from Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Process
1-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
Common Core: MATH MP.2. 1.MD.A.1

2nd Grade:

2-LS4 Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
Common Core: Math MP.2, MP.4, 2 MD.D.10

For more information, contact Sara Shaw, Manager of Formal Programs

(585) 336-7208

Group Visit Guidelines

Tips for a Great Group Visit

Book Early: You must Submit a Group Visit Request at least three weeks prior to your visit.
Be Prepared: Visit the Zoo before your class visit; e-mail or call the Zoo’s Education Department to plan your visit, classroom preparation and trip follow-up.

Bring Help: Be sure to have at least one chaperone for every five students.

Review: Take time to go over the Check-In Procedures, Zoo Etiquette and Chaperone Tips you receive with your confirmation.

Stop at the ZooShop: Souvenirs help you remember your trip and help the Zoo.

Try our different Food Stands: They make lunching at the Zoo a breeze.

Have fun and always respect the animals!

Checklist to Plan a Group Visit

Before you arrive:

Wait for confirmation from Seneca Park Zoo before booking your buses.

Book your buses and share our parking information with your busing staff. Travel with classes from your school whenever you can: share a bus. Save travel costs, pollute less, and have an easier time when you arrive at the Zoo.

Visit the Zoo to get ideas for your trip. Teachers get in free to help them plan.

Have fun in the classroom with our pre-visit activities so students get the best visit.

When you arrive:

Wait with your group on the bus and wait for unloading instructions from Zoo staff.

Unload with your group and wait in your assigned waiting area.

Collect payment from your chaperones and have all payments ready.

A Visitor Services Representative will meet you in your waiting area to collect payment.

Place your lunches in the bin labeled with your school’s name.

If you have an Expedition or Animal Presentation booked, please wait in your assigned waiting area for an Education staff member to meet you and give you further instructions.

Other important information:

First Aid and Lost and Found are located at the Zoo office at the front of the Zoo.

If you get separated from a child in your group, please stop any Zoo staff member and they will assist you.

When you leave the Zoo:

Gather your group at the front of the Zoo. A Visitor Services Representative will call your bus.