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Animal Birthdays

We would like to thank our many visitors who help us celebrate our animals' birthdays. The keepers love decorating our animals' homes for the occasion, the animals' love their treats and the guests have proven that they love to sing "Happy Birthday." Though we can't celebrate all the animals' birthdays, we do celebrate a whole bunch.

Please note: All parties go from 1 to 3 p.m., with a "Happy Birthday" song and treats for the birthday animal at 2 p.m. There will also be a docent-run touch table station available at each birthday party.

Our 2014 Animal Birthdays are:

 Animal  Name(s) Date
 White rhino
 Bill, Roscoe
 Feb. 8
 North American river otter
 Heather, Sara
 March 1
 African lion
 Amali, Savannah, Tiberius
 March 8
 Olive baboon

 March 15
 Amur tiger
 Anastasia, Katya
 May 24
 Snow leopard
 Kaba, Princess
 June 14
 California sea lion
 Lily, Marina, P.J.
 June 21
 African black-footed penguin

 August 2
 Lookout, Malik, Tracker
 August 9
 Bornean orangutan
 Dara, Denda, Kumang
 Sept. 13
 Polar bear
 Aurora, Zero
 Nov. 1
 African elephant
 Genny C., Lilac
Nov. 15

If you'd like to bring a gift to the party please do so. Our animals can always use:

Unopened spices/herbs
Sugar-free jello
Unopened boxes of low-fat cereal
Flavored low-sugar oatmeal
Perfumes/colognes Flavored treats (peppermint, molasses, butterscotch)
Pinatas Sandwich-sized paper bags
Ice cream cones (all sizes)

Do some of these gift requests sound strange? Let us explain ...

While some of the enrichment items we ask for may not be used by the guest of honor of that particular party, the items are used by other animals that don't have a party. For example, the tigers (and cats in general) enjoy the spices and perfumes. Keepers use the spices and perfumes to add new smells to their enclosures. The tigers come out and mark over the smells to cover it up or they roll around in it to get it on them. Cats like scents that are very strong so the smellier the perfume the better!

Have questions? Contact Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator Kelli O'Brien at

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