Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec

(Echinops telfairi)

Mammals | Madagascar

Animal Info

Ted was born in June 2008 and came to the Zoo in September 2008. He resides in the ECO Center. He loves to eat hard-boiled eggs.

Status in the Wild

Although they are not considered threatened at the time, their habitat is shrinking.


Their habitat is confined to mostly arid regions, such as dry forests, scrub, cultivated areas, dry coastal regions and semi-deserts. Tenrecs are found only on the island of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands.


Insects and other arthropods or worms, as well as some fruit. Occasionally they eat young mice or nesting birds.

Did you know?

Despite a close resemblance, this animal is not related to the hedgehog.

Other tenrecs can resemble shrews, opossums, mice and even otters.

Tenrecs generally have incredibly poor eyesight.

This species excretes a white fluid out of its mouth, nose and eyes, with which it marks its territory.

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