Swainson’s Lory

(Tricholglossus haematodus moluccanus)


Animal Info

Our Swainson’s lory was born in January 2001 and came here in April 2001. Her name is Gloria.

Status in the Wild

The lory is a common bird in the northeast of Australia; it is not under any threat.


This lory mainly inhabits eastern Australia, although it can also be found on the many islands in the southwest pacific. It is found in a multitude of habitats, in any locality where there is sufficient food.  It prefers mallee scrub, open eucalyptus forest, rain forest, gardens and parks.


Lories feed on seeds, fruits, berries and insects, as well as pollen and nectar

Did you know?

There are more than fifty different species of lory and lorikeet.

These birds usually travel together in pairs.

Lories are known to defend their breeding and feeding grounds aggressively against other bird of the same species and others.

These birds are known as a pest in some areas of Australia, and compete with native bird species.

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