Umbrella Cockatoo

(Cacatua alba)


Animal Info

There is one umbrella cockatoo at the Zoo whose name is Kaykay. He came to us in 1997.

Status in the Wild

The estimated world population of Umbrella cockatoos is a range of fifty thousand to two hundred thousand birds. Their population is vulnerable, as all parrot species are victims of the pet trade, killed for food and deforestation. Although not endangered, it is still a vulnerable species.


Cockatoos are found in the North Moluccas of the Maluku province of Indonesia. They are found naturally on the islands of Halmahera, Bacan, Ternate, Kasiruta, Tidore and Mandioli. This species prefers wooded areas and are found in forests and open woodland, mangroves, swamps, agricultural areas and are particularly common around the edge of clearings and rivers.


These birds feed on seeds, fruits, nuts and berries, occasionally insects and possibly small lizards.

Did you know?

Umbrella cockatoos are named for the shape their massive white crest feathers take on when fully exposed.

The beak of this animal is so strong, they could easily break a human finger.

These birds emit a high-pitched screech or scream in the wild to communicate with one another. Because they live in such large groups, the loudest bird gets to mate!

Cockatoos can live up to or longer than 80 years!

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