Animal Presentations

When can I schedule an Animal Presentation?
When can I schedule an Animal Presentation?
You can book an Animal Presentation for any time of the year! Animal Presentations will take up 45 minutes of your Zoo visit.
What is the cost?
What is the cost?
$100 for up to 30 people; $85 for each additional group of 30. This fee is in addition to your School or Group Rate Admission.

What is an Animal Presentation?

These interactive learning experiences make a terrific addition to your Zoo Visit! These presentations allow visitors of all ages to get up close and personal with our Animal Ambassadors from our education animal collection. These animals are not visible on your typical Zoo visit; they are only available to see with one of our themed Animal Presentations.

Each experience lasts about 45 minutes and includes three or four live animals, interactive activities and animal-related artifacts.

You must book a School Field Trip or Group Visit to reserve an Animal Presentation.

For Preschool:

Choose 1:

Animal Movements

Animal Sounds

Animal Opposites

Animal Coverings

Animal Senses

For Grades K-2:

Choose 1:

Backyard Habitat: Students will find ways to help preserve wildlife in their own backyards.

Have to have a Habitat: Discover what animals need for survival in their habits.

Cycles of Life: Investigate the life cycles of several different types of animals.

Vertebrate Visit: Explore and classify birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

For Grades 3-5:

Choose 1:

The 3 R’s: Learn how to Go Green!: Learn about tools to help protect the environment.

Going, Going, Saved!: Discover what causes animals endangerment or even extinction and learn what zoos, and you, can do to prevent it.

Dry Scales and Slimy Skin: Get up close with our friends, reptiles, and amphibians.

Amazing Adaptations: Examine animals’ adaptations and how they help animals to survive.

For Grades 6 and up:

Choose 1:

The Training Game: Discover how and why we train the animals at Seneca Park Zoo.

Zoo Careers: Explore the variety of careers available in the zoo world.

Artistic Animals: Create your own masterpiece as animal “models” pose for you.