Volunteer for Events

The Zoo needs lots of help from people like you who have some time to spare to a worthwhile cause.

Most people that want to volunteer at a Zoo usually hope to interact directly with the animals. While general volunteering does not involve the handling of our animals, we still need your help in creating an environment that welcomes our visitors and that enhances their experience. When you help us do this, visitors return and ultimately decide to become members of the Zoo.

Volunteer Opportunities


We have a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Here are the current openings:

Development Volunteer


Are you a business or school group looking for an opportunity to give back to the community? Get involved in a Seneca Park Zoo community service project.

Great for team building or fraternities and sororities looking to do service hours. Projects can consist of landscaping, cleaning an exhibit, helping with a building project, and more.

Have any special skills? Please share them on your application so we can connect you with the best fitting job.


Seneca Park Zoo is looking for volunteers to help with our on-grounds recycling efforts.

Join us to learn all about sustainability. Gain hands-on experience and learn to have fun diverting waste. Help collect and sort recyclables collected from our designated bins on grounds.

We want to empower individuals to make a real impact in the community.

Recycling positions are open to individuals 13 years of age or older.

Parking Lot Attendant

Parking Lot Attendants help ensure the safety of our guests and staff by assisting staff with parking of vehicles during our peak times. They will help coordinate loading and unloading of school buses in a safe and organized manor, while communicating with other volunteers by radio to keep traffic flowing.

This position is open to individuals 18 or older. Perfect for those who enjoy being outside and helping people. Individuals interested in public safety and security or Law enforcement can use this opportunity for hands-on experience.


Work side by side with our horticulture specialist to maintain all of our beautiful onsite gardens.

You will have the opportunity to expand your plant knowledge while meeting other staff and volunteers with similar interests.

Tasks may include weeding, watering, transplanting, and more.

Enjoy learning the important role plants and trees play in our environment. Learn what we can do in our own backyard to help the environment.

This position is open to individuals 13 and over.

Golf Cart Driver

These volunteers assist in transporting guests from the parking lot to Front Gate or to locations within the Zoo during events such as Zoobilation and Breakfast with Santa. Volunteers interested in this job must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean driving record.


We are always looking for outgoing and friendly volunteers to welcome our guests to the Zoo. These volunteers stand in critical spots (determined at individual events) and assist our guests with questions regarding everything from what line to enter, where certain amenities are located, event details and even Zoo membership information. These volunteers act as the event welcoming committee.

Line Marshal

These volunteers are stationed outside the Front Gate to assist staff with crowd control at events and during busy non-event days. Tasks include directing members to the membership line and nonmembers to the admission lines and open windows for assistance. These volunteers assist staff by handing out membership forms to those interested in joining on the spot and answering general questions about the Zoo.

Security Marshal

These volunteers are critical to the safety and functioning of various large-scale Zoo events. Stationed at one of six locations, these volunteers are tasked with manning their designated area and looking for potentially dangerous situations with both guests and animals. These volunteers are given a radio and instructions on how and when to use it. These volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.

There is a fee of $15 due upon acceptance to participate in the Seneca Park Zoo volunteer program. This fee covers the cost of:

  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • Name tag
  • Training class

Interested in sharing your time with us?


Call (585) 295-7354