More animal health assessments at the Zoo!

The University of Rochester Cardiology Imaging team, directed by Dr. Karl Schwarz, joined Zoo veterinary staff on July 11 to examine the Zoo’s 22-year-old two-toed sloth and 5-year-old iguana for heart health as part of a routine Zoo animal health assessment.

“The healthy, geriatric sloth does have subclinical, age-related changes in the heart valves (mineralization) and aorta (atherosclerosis) just as seen in people,” indicated Dr. Schwarz.

The younger iguana, by contrast, had perfectly normal cardiac function and anatomy.

Photos by Jodie McKnight

Partnering with medically- trained health experts such as the Strong Memorial Hospital Cardiac Imaging Unit physicians and ultra-sonographers underscores the value in our “one medicine, one health” approach to provide the best health care possible across all species.

– Dr. Jeff Wyatt, Director of Animal Health & Conservation