More ZooTeen fun!

Photo by Tina Crandall-Gommel

Photo by Tina Crandall-Gommel

Last week, I shared feedback from our teens that had traveled with the ZooMobile. The teens are having so much fun with this program, I thought I would share more of their experiences. Enjoy! 

– Tina Crandall-Gommel,  Youth and School Groups Programs Coordinator

We went to SOTA (School of the Arts) today and brought four animals: the millipede, spotted turtle, marine toad and barred owl. I was able to help Tim, our ZooMobile Coordinator, by showing three of the animals around for the kids to see. The first program was challenging because we were uncertain about the size of the group however the second program went very well. The kids loved all the animals and had a great time, hopefully they learned a lot about habitats and animals. I learned a lot of new things from what Tim was saying about the animals. I also learned what it is like to be a zoo educator and what it takes to be a good public speaker. This experience will be helpful when it is time for me to decide what career I would like to pursue. Hopefully I will be able to go out on the ZooMobile again sometime!

– Stephanie Facchine, ZooTeen

As a third year ZooTeen, I was given the option of participating in something called the ZooMobile. The ZooMobile is a group of Zoo educators that take animals anywhere from a Red Wings game to special needs facilities. I was taken along on a trip where Zoo Educator Amanda and I were visiting a local library. The theme was “Dig into Reading”. Amanda decided it most fitting to bring four animals that dig for survival. We brought the three-banded armadillo, giant African millipede, African hedgehog and the sand boa appropriately named Sandy. I have to say this experience was much more fun and educational than I had expected; I even learned a little phrase about snakes. Amanda told the kids at the library, “If the snake’s eyes are on the side, it’s ready to hide, and if the eyes are on the front the snake’s ready to hunt.” I found this entire experience extremely interesting, because I was allowed to hold bio facts and show the younger children the difference between a hedgehog pelt and a snake skin. I work two or three days a week around animals as a ZooTeen, and this experience was very educational and fun.

– Zoe Busacco, ZooTeen