Overnight experiences at the Zoo

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

Hey all! Want to have a fun time at the Zoo with your family, friends, scouts, church group or school club? Consider booking one of our Bunk with Beasts programs! These interactive sleepovers are a great way to experience the Zoo like never before.

Hang out with our education animals; go on a “Discovery Tour” and explore what goes on behind the scenes of some cool animal exhibits. You will even get the chance to see up close and personal some nocturnal animals in action. Top it off with an interactive educational activity learning how to help conserve wildlife. All of this is facilitated by our knowledgeable and friendly educators!

It makes a great gift idea for the family (hint!); one thing is for sure it will be a memorable experience! Click here for more information about our program.

Stay wild!

– Kenny Nelson, Interpretation Coordinator