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Butterfly Beltway

The Seneca Park Zoo's Butterfly Beltway Project has been engaging and inspiring members of the community in butterfly conservation since 2002. Butterfly gardens have been planted by the Zoo at schools, daycare facilities, special needs services facilities, community centers and senior residences in nine counties across western New York. Additionally, individuals have been inspired by the project to act on behalf of the butterflies and have planted gardens providing food, shelter and a place to lay eggs. Each year, the goal is to add more gardens, inspire others to plant gardens and reach more people about the important message of butterfly conservation.

Click here to learn more or contact the Education Department at  (585) 336-7213 or e-mail education@senecazoo.org.

Many thanks to the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation. They have been the primary supporter of the project since its inception.

Read more about how the Butterfly Beltway program is helping to reestablish habitat along the monarch migration route.