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Conservation Education Days

Without action, many species in the world, including some residing here at the Zoo, face the real threat of becoming extinct, whether from global warming, oil spills, habitat destruction and competition with humans for food and shelter, to name a few.
By hosting conservation education days throughout the year that tell some of these stories, we hope to inspire our visitors to act on their behalf and spread the word to others.

Events take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) and are free with Zoo admission.

2015 Conservation Education Days:

March 28: Critter Challenge (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.): Learn how animals survive in their natural range by taking animal-related challenges. Docents are available for questions about your favorite animals.

April 18: Party for the Planet: Enjoy family-friendly activities, touch table stations and animal experiences during the Zoo’s celebration of the Earth.

May 9 & 10: Orangutan M.O.M. Weekend: Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time to celebrate and pay tribute to orangutan mothers. The Missing Orangutan Mothers (M.O.M.) Campaign is our way of doing precisely that. The M.O.M. Campaign brings attention to the crisis facing these beautiful red apes by encouraging people to help protect them.

June 2: Wolf Day: Celebrate the conservation success story of our Mexican wolves. Learn why wolves are important to the ecosystem with touch tables and bio facts. Docents are also on hand to answer your questions. This program is supported by World of Inquiry School #58.

June 20 & 21: Super Hero for Conservation Weekend: Celebrate Father’s Day weekend at the Zoo and learn what it takes to become a super hero for conservation. Touch tables and stations will highlight all the conservation work the Zoo does in our backyard and beyond.

June 27: Discover Madagascar Day: Celebrate Madagascar's amazing biodiversity. This event highlights Malagasy animals at Seneca Park Zoo and a marketplace where you can purchase authentic goods from Madagascar. Discover Madagascar Day introduces you to our conservation efforts and what you can do to help.

July 18: Wonders of Water: Just how important is water in our everyday lives? Find out at Wonders of Water. Touch table stations will focus on all of the unique connections the Zoo, as well as local and global species, have to the region’s water supplies.

July 29: International Tiger Day: We elevate awareness about all tiger species, especially the Amur tiger, and the fight against their extinction. Learn about the threats they face find out how you can do to help.

August 8 & 9: Celebrate Penguins Weekend: Come out for Penguin Weekend to celebrate all things penguin. Learn how our Zoo has become a leader in African penguin breeding, as well as an active participant in assisting penguins in their natural range.

August 22: Snakes and Friends Day: Tour the Zoo and meet New York reptiles and amphibians at various stations. Docent touch tables will show you the difference between turtles and tortoises and teach you about the Zoo’s conservation efforts.

September 19: Elephant Awareness Day: Our elephant team will introduce you to our African elephants and give tours of our beautiful Elephant Barn. During the day you will be able to learn more about the plight elephants face in their natural range and get your hand on some amazing elephant bio-facts and artifacts like tusks, model feet and more.

October 3: Genesee Trail Day: Learn about this area’s Native American history and our local conservation actions during Genesee Trail Day. The Zoo’s clan animals are also highlighted with stations at their exhibits.