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Wanted: Motivated people who love animals!

If this job description fits, the Education Department at the Seneca Park Zoo has an offer you can't refuse!

Every year and through the year more than 80 knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly adults help deliver the Zoo's messages about animals and the Zoo's conservation efforts to protect them.

Should you decide to accept this very important and rewarding job, your new title will be docent. That's from the Latin word docere, which means teacher. And at the Seneca Park Zoo a docent's teaching job means inspiring others to explore the wonderful world of animals in hundreds of different ways.

You will be armed with the teaching tools to become a successful docent, with access (once you graduate from "Docent College" that is!) to hundreds of "Biofacts," literally evidence left behind from animals which might include a skeleton of a hawk, the pelt of a tiger or the shell of a tortoise, teaching tools that you become knowledgeable about and are able to share through handling by the visitors.

We are looking for folks who may be interested in joining this wonderful group of educators. You need to be at least 21 years old, willing to attend an informational meeting and six very informative classes held on Saturdays.

Please note: Docents do not handle animals and are not involved with animal husbandry. Becoming a docent involves submitting an application, interviewing and participating in a training class held on Saturdays. Once trained, docents must make a five-hour-a-month commitment to assist in the Zoo's educational activities.

Informational meetings (you are required to attend one session) are held for people interested in becoming a docent or learning more about the Docent Program. Interested candidates must go through an interview process following the informational meeting.

For more information about joining, contact Jan Barney at xmasbd2@aol.com.

Click here for a docent volunteer application. Print, fill out and send it to:
Seneca Park Zoo Society, Docent Program, 2222 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14621