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The Education Department of the Seneca Park Zoo Society is your guide to finding connections with animals and the environment. If you have additional questions after reviewing our Web site, please contact us at (585) 336-7213.

Whether you're a preschooler just starting your exploration of the natural world or a senior looking for deep new adventures, the Zoo's very broad range of hands-on and minds-on programs provide engaging and educational experiences with live animals.

All programs are designed to help you develop the motivation and skills to act as stewards of the environment and become aware of conservation issues through explorations of animal behaviors, biological systems, species diversity and inter-connectedness. Animals are handled by trained staff to be comfortable around children and programs for school students reflect New York State Learning Standards and grade-level curriculum.

And just like migrating animals, Society Education programs move. We can bring programs to your classroom, festival, community center, or any other place that people gather to have fun learning about animals, the environment and our connections to them.

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Download a copy of our 2015-16 Student and Teacher Guide.