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Take an Expedition to A Step Into Africa at the Seneca Park Zoo!

To book an Expedition: Click here or call (585) 336-7213.

What is an expedition?

It is a guided, themed interactive tour of a specific area of the Zoo. Your Zoo Educator will lead you on your very own safari through the A Step into Africa Exhibit featuring the Ngorongoro Crater. These programs have been developed by a team of formal and informal teachers and administrators to best suit the learning styles of students and meet curriculum requirement for teachers.

What programs are offered?

When you book your expedition you can choose between four different themed expeditions that focus on one of the four main areas of A Step into Africa. Options are as follows:

  • Lion Safari - Get ready to go on Safari!: Pack your bags, check the safari rules and meet us at the Ngorongoro Crater. On this expedition we will be traveling through lion territory on our safari while we learn all about lions, why we go on safaris and the importance of conservation areas!
  • Elephants and Diversity - Elephants, lions, baboons, oh my!: Why are there so many animals in Africa? Learn about biodiversity and what job each animal does to help out their habitat.
  • The Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the People - Animals and people working together: Animals are not the only ones who like the Ngorongoro Conservation Area; people do too! On this expedition learn all about Maasai people, guides, tourists, scientists and all the people that help to make the Ngorongoro Conservation Area what it is today!
  • Baboons -  All in the Family!: One thing that baboons, elephants and lions all have in common are amazing families. From troops, herds and prides, learn all about family structures as well as how babies learn from their parents and how inherited traits are passed from generation to generation to make them the strongest animals they can be.

How do I prepare?

You will be provided with pre-visit materials to prepare both teachers and students for the expedition. These pre-visit materials include:

  • A Teacher Field Guide informational packet about the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, including fact sheets for the animals found in the A Step into Africa Exhibit and an outline of the curriculum connections the expeditions and the exhibit can meet
  • A PowerPoint slide show to lead teachers through the expeditions outline
  • A video invitation with Zoo Educators inviting your students to come see us at the Zoo with a sneak peek at the animals they are going to see!

When can I schedule an Expedition?

You can book an Expedition for any time of year! Expeditions will take up about 1 hour of your Zoo visit.
For whom: Expeditions were designed for 3rd grade curriculum but could be modified to suit other age groups.
Cost: $100 for up to 30 students (Expeditions will be split into groups of 15 or less); $85 for each additional group of 30.