10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Grounds close at 5 p.m.

Make your party extra special.

Butterfly Package

NEW THIS SUMMER! Add on a Butterfly Release

Give your party wings!  Add on a Butterfly Release Package and your birthday child will get to release monarch butterflies right from the stage at the Zoo.  Your party guests and Zoo visitors will watch as your child helps start a monarch on their journey to Mexico, and your little conservationist will be helping monarchs in their natural habitat.  Your child’s name will even appear on the big screen at the stage to let everyone know it is their special day.  A portion of the proceeds will go to expanding butterfly habitat and your child will receive a certificate to thank them for helping these important pollinators.

Cost: $89 (Only available July 1 –September 15)

Polar Bear Package

NEW THIS SUMMER! Add on Polar Bear Enrichment

Add on this package and your birthday child and party guests will get to help create a snack for our polar bear.  Then as a group you will walk to the polar bear exhibit, chat with an Educator about our amazing bears, touch biofacts (animal related objects) and watch the polar bears enjoy their tasty treat.  Not only will you be helping to provide enrichment for bears at the Zoo, but a portion of the proceeds will also go to Polar Bears Internationa (PBI), an organization that helps to protect polar bears in their natural ranges. 

Cost: $89

Other Extras: 

Extra pizza: $12 each (16 slices)

Extra drinks: $6 (includes cups and two 2-liter drinks)

Face painting: $30 (flat fee)

Goodie Bags: $6 each

Party favors: $1 each  (animal print sunglasses or animal bubbles)

Decorate your own cupcakes: $3 per person