10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Grounds close at 4 p.m.

These programs can provide your young learners with an exciting and engaging experience either at the zoo or through a visit by the Wegmans ZooMobile. Three animals from our teaching collection, along with literature and active learning opportunities, make these 30-40 minute programs a hit.

For Pre-K students:

Animal Movements

Your class will hop, slither and swim, while learning about the many ways that animals move.

Animal Sounds

Youngsters will hiss, howl and tweet, while meeting some of our more vocal animals.

Animal Opposites

Wet or dry, hard or soft ... learn about animal life diversity through hands-on animal opportunities

Animal Coverings

Learn about animal adaptations through hands-on experiences with fur, feathers and scales.

Animal Senses

Your students will smell, touch and listen to learn how animals depend on their senses.

Night and Day

Learn how to tell which animals stay up late and which ones sleep the night away.