10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Grounds close at 4 p.m.

Festival Presentations

Invite the Wegmans ZooMobile to your next festival! You provide the table; we provide the fun, including live animals, animal-related artifacts, and information about Monroe County's Seneca Park Zoo and its programs. Programming is priced by the hour and discounts are available for non-profit groups. Festival style presentations can be themed and each program includes 3 or 4 live animals. In large group situations, touching of the animals is prohibited for their comfort and safety, but most animal-related artifacts are touchable.

Pick one of the following themes:

Incredible Invertebrates

Did you know that there are more invertebrates in the world than any other type of animal? Without them life might not be possible! Get to see some of our invertebrate friends and some animals that depend on them.

Awesome Amphibians and Reptiles

Whether they are slimy or scaly, these animals are nothing to be afraid of! What can breathe through its skin? What does a dance to find a mate? Find out what makes these two groups of animals interesting when they visit
your festival.

Wonderful Wetlands

Would you like to learn about swamps, bogs, marshes and ponds without putting on your boots? In this festival program you will learn all about the importance of wetlands and get to see some wetland animals without getting wet!

Radical Rainforests

Did you know 50% of all species comes from the Rainforest? Find out why rainforests are so radical when you meet our rainforest animal ambassadors.