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Explorer Program

What is Exploring in general?

Exploring is a program for YOU and high school students like YOU. The purpose of the program is to check out a career YOU are interested in. Exploring is a career-education program that allows you to learn more about a particular career through hands-on activities led by people out in the real world.

Did you ever wonder what it's really like to be a veterinarian or what it's like to be an attorney and try a case in front of actual judges? Do you like to work in cars and wonder if auto mechanics is the career for you? So, you think you want to be an engineer - do you know that there are many different kinds of engineers out there?

Why wait until you're almost through college to find out what it's like in your field? Try Exploring today!

What is Seneca Park Zoo Exploring, specifically?

Come learn about the many diverse careers available in the Zoo industry. Each session during this program is dedicated to a different Zoo career, including Educator, Animal Trainer, ZooKeeper/Enrichment Specialist, Exhibit Designer, Veterinarian, Conservationist (session order to be determined). You will meet with and learn from experienced Zoo Staff professionals about each of the career areas through engaging tours, presentations, demonstrations and activities.

There will be a culminating project that will tie all topics together. Over the course of the program, you will design an exhibit for your animal-of-choice, which will incorporate all the aspects of zoo careers that we have learned about. Between meetings, you will have opportunity to adjust or modify your exhibit according to new things you learn about zoos. You will present to the group what you have created at the final session.

  • You must have finished the 8th grade and not be older than 19 years old to participate in this program.
  • There is a $30 fee to participate in this program.  This fee can be paid at the Orientation meeting (time to be determined) in cash or by check made out to Exploring.
  • Orientation/Information Meeting: Time and date to be determined. Please call the central Exploring Office at 241-8541 to be added to the mailing list and you will receive a letter about the Orientation meeting time and date.