Senegal Parrot



Senegal Parrot

Animal Info

Our female, Sprite, was born in February 1992 and arrived at the Zoo in May 1992. She loves to have her head scratched!

Status in the Wild

The species is listed under CITES Appendix II. Because of its vast range in Africa, the wild Senegal parrot population is difficult to estimate. However, wild parrot species have been extensively trapped for the pet trade, and now the import and export of all wild parrots is illegal.


Senegal parrots can be found in north and central Africa. Their preferred habitat is savanna woodland and open forest. They can regularly be found foraging in cultivated areas.


This parrot feeds on seeds, grains, fruits (especially figs), and buds. They will also eat millet, maize, and peanuts.

Did you know?

They hold their food in one foot while they are eating and will favor left, or right, much like a left/right-handed person.

Parrots in their natural ranges generally live in large groups.

This African parrot makes a long migration once a year through west Africa.

Senegal parrots commonly feed one another as part of bonding behavior in mating pairs.

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