Getting the word out, both near and far

In March, docents Joanne Pernice and Eileen Kreutter as well as volunteer keeper Janet Dray visited the Village of Las Palmas in Peru as part of a travel group with Overseas Adventure Travel, who supports the village. Below are snippets from their travel adventure:

Pernice said they were fortunate to have the Zoo’s Manager of Program Development Emily Coon-Frisch and Zoologist Tina Fess donate a few T-shirts from ZooCamp and last year’s Bowling for Rhinos event to bring to the village children. There were about 10 families in the village, with 25 kids in the school (up to 8th grade).

Overseas Adventure Travel asked the group to bring things for the school. The biggest hit: T-shirts!

“I’m sure they don’t ever see polar bears,” said Pernice. “Fun to think of other folks from Rochester who might wind up (in the village) and see the kids in the shirts.”

Pernice talked about their experience while there, too.

The villagers “live right on the river and deal with annual flooding,” she explained. “They get fish from the river as well as wash their clothes and drink the water — not recommended! Some had electricity but not all. They grow a lot of vegetables. After we spent a week in the Amazon, we went on to Machu Picchu.”