It’s amazing how far pennies, nickels and dimes can go!

The fifth-grade student leaders at the Harris Hill Elementary school decided to fundraise for charity. After collecting change from their fellow students over several months, the team raised more than $1,500! The student leaders surveyed their fellow students to see what they would like to support with their funds and animals and the environment came out on top.

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

That’s when they decided to call the Seneca Park Zoo Education Department. We went to the fifth-grade leaders’ meeting to share about the organizations we raise money Health In Harmony and the International Elephant Foundation, as well as how to best choose a charitable organization to help. After considering the organization’s mission, programs and annual report, students decided to donate their money to Health In Harmony.

This month, the Seneca Park Zoo proudly accepted Harris Hill Elementary’s donation on behalf of Health In Harmony. 100% of the students’ fundraising proceeds will go to this amazing organization

– Anneke Nordmark, Youth + School Group Program Coordinator