Keeping up with the leaves

Being a member of the animal care staff at Seneca Park Zoo entails so much more than just feeding, cleaning and enriching our animals. While those things take up the majority of the day, we are also responsible for keeping the areas around and in our exhibits looking their best.

During the fall, we try to manage the leaves within the enclosures and our maintenance and facilities departments work on the rest of the zoo. Our goal is to have all the leaves raked and cleaned up before the snow falls.

This year, we teamed up to clear all the leaves from out of the Mexican Wolf enclosure. The keepers brought the rakes and the maintenance and facilities guys brought the “leaf sucker” and the tools to take apart the fence. The leaf sucker is a large, boxed-in truck with a large tube that sucks up piles of leaves.

Because we all worked together, the entire project only took 20 minutes. Alone, it would have taken many, many trips in and out of the exhibit with large bins. This would have taken hours, and we most definitely wouldn’t have finished it all in a day. Teamwork saved the day, and we even had a little fun at the same time!

–Kellee Wolowitz, Assistant Curator