Lots of learning for our baby orangutan!

20130820_140408Our infant orangutan is Kumang’s fourth baby. There have been only two Borean orangutan births in 2013 and our baby is the only female! We are so lucky to have her. The baby is so bright and full of life and the hope of the Borneo orangutan rests with her and family: Kumang, Dara and Denda.

The baby has become more active so her first fire hose rope climb was added recently. Orangutans are arboreal, meaning they spend their lives up high in the trees. The fire hose was added to give her the opportunity to learn and exercise safely and to behave in a natural way. We are always striving to give the animals the safest and natural things to do every day, which is called enrichment. Enriching their lives gives us great joy – we love watching them play! Included in this blog are some photos of the baby’s first fire hose being hung up by Zoo Keeper Brian Sheets. Way to go Brian! She is going to have a lot of firsts and we want to share them with you.

Photos by Mary Ellen Ostrander

Photos by Mary Ellen Ostrander

Please come by and visit her and her family. She is one in a million – great job Kumang!

– Mary Ellen Ostrander, zoologist