New digs for education staff & animal collection

After several years of fundraising, planning, designing and a few months of building, the new homes of the Education Department staff, docents and its Program Animal Collection are now ready for occupancy.

“A dream come true” is how members of the Zoo’s staff and docents are referring to the wonderful, spacious and well-designed new spaces. One building (pictured here) will house all Education Department staff and docents as well as provide more than 600 square feet of additional classroom and program space.

This will greatly improve the quality of office space for staff, as well as give us new capacity to serve guests of all kids. The new classroom space will have ample room to host birthday parties, lectures and workshops for adults, camps, classes and more. It will be outfitted with some of the latest technology including a smart TV monitor, which will make it easy for program facilitators to engage audiences with content from around the world. It will even sport a Butterfly Beltway Garden and monarch breeding exhibit.


The classroom and office complex will be the site of many new and expanded programs, as well as provide a new “family bathroom” for Zoo guests’ use, making the facility even more visitor-friendly.

The new animal space provides both animals and their human caretakers a vastly improved facility. With separate rooms for birds, reptiles and amphibians, each space can be converted into the most appropriate micro-climate for that animal class by controlling temperature and light levels, for example. State-of-the-art enclosures for individual animals will provide both enhanced living quarters for the animals that simulate their natural habitats as well as an enhanced opportunity to showcase the animal as part of behind-the-scenes tours.


The new animal area also gives our keepers the spaces, rooms, easy water access and food storage spaces to provide our animals with the very best of care. All good for the animal and good for the keepers! Open spaces can also be used for animal enrichment and demonstrations.

We are so excited about the new spaces and the opportunities that they provide. Thanks to the grant from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund, additional funding provided by the Seneca Park Zoo Society’s generous supporters and the County of Monroe, the quality of Seneca Park Zoo’s program and animal care facilities has been greatly elevated.

Be sure to visit the next time you’re here!


—Bart A. Roselli, Director of Education + Interpretation