Razing of the 1931 Main Building

Razing of the 1931 Main Building

Changing Late 2018

As part of this transformation, the antiquated main building at the south end of the Zoo will be demolished.  The building was built in 1931 and doesn’t meet current best practices for animal care, so it will be razed.  All animals currently in the main building will go to other AZA-accredited Zoos, either temporarily or permanently. This will pave the way for our next round of construction.


Question 1: Why is the Main Building going away?
Answer: The Main Building,  which was built in 1931, does not meet today’s standards for animal welfare or guest experience. Therefore it will be demolished in 2018 which will pave way for a new, state of the art Tropics Complex.

Question 2: Where will the animals in the Main Building go?
Answer:  Each of the animals will either go to another Zoo or move to our Animals of the Savanna area.  Zoo leadership works with the AZA Species Survival Plan to find the most appropriate home for each animal.

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