Update on Tiberius the lion

African lions Tiberius and his sister, Savannah, were born here at Seneca Park Zoo on March 6, 2013.  Last December, Tiberius was sent to the Buffalo Zoo to be a part of their breeding program, as recommended by the African Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP). I recently received an update from one of the zoo keepers who works with Tiberius in Buffalo.

Photo by Chris Frommer

She says he is just wonderful and has grown into a very handsome adult. He has been introduced to his two new pride mates, five-year-old half-sisters Lelie and Lusaka.

Photo by Chris Frommer

If you can make the trip, visit the Buffalo Zoo to see what an amazing adult our little cub has become.

I wish the Buffalo keeper staff all the best in their efforts to conserve this important species.

–Mary Ellen Sheets, Zoo Keeper

Photos by Chris Frommer