Veterinary Technology program holds class at Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo’s Robin English, LVT and Director of Animal Health and Conservation Dr. Jeff Wyatt recently instructed twenty-one of Medaille College’s Rochester Campus Veterinary Technology students for a special class at Seneca Park Zoo.

Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians in all fields of veterinary medicine, from dog and cat hospitals to zoos. Becoming a veterinary technician requires two to four years of college training (Associate’s to Bachelor’s degree) in contrast to eight years for veterinarians. In addition, students must also pass national and New York State licensing examinations. Medaille College offers the only veterinary technician training program in Rochester.

In the class at the Zoo, students participated in examinations of a short-tailed opossum, armadillo, hedgehog, cockatoo, boa constrictor, bearded dragon, spotted turtle, chinchilla and rooster as well as practiced their darting skills with a blow pipe. The Zoo proudly provides diverse educational opportunities for students across many disciplines, expanding its impact of using science to save species.

 – Jeff Wyatt, Director of Animal Health and Conservation