Where did the wolves go?

The three Mexican Wolves have moved down state, to the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, New York. It is located in the hills of southeastern New York near the Connecticut border. They house Mexican wolves as well as Red wolves, both of which are critically endangered species. The three brothers left the Zoo earlier this month.


The WCC came to pick them up with a large, air conditioned van that is specially designed to transport canines. They arrived at their new home late that same afternoon to a serenade of howling from the resident wolves.

Once they were unloaded, they had complete health checks ups, including physical exams, vaccines and blood samples. All three received a clean bill of health, and they were released onto WCC land under a beautiful sunset.

Video via Wolf Conservation Center

Right now, all three reside on their own acre of wooded land that is in a remote area. In the future, two of them will be relocating out to the Living Desert in Palm Springs, CA. Eventually, the other one will paired up with one of their female wolves, F1143, in the hopes that they breed and reproduce pups. Their offspring could be potential release candidates.

Although they will be missed by many people, they will provide an opportunity to help save this very valuable species as a whole. It was both an honor and a privilege to help take care of them for these past four and a half years.

All the keepers wish Durango, Diego and Chico well. They will forever be in our hearts.


–Heidi Beifus, Zoo Keeper