Workforce Development

Urban Ecologist at a park clean-up event

Urban Ecologists

Sustainable development starts with a strong, informed workforce.  Whether it is here in Western New York, or in a conservation community worldwide, workforce development is key to building a framework of sustainability that supports conservation and a healthy environment for animals and people alike.

Here in Rochester, Seneca Park Zoo is partnered with the City of Rochester to hire 16 RCSD Juniors and Seniors for year-round employment through the Rochester Summer of Opportunity youth employment program.  This is a two-year program that hires eight people each year. Our Urban Ecologists work in and around the Rochester community, promoting a healthy, positive relationship with Rochester’s natural spaces and the biodiversity that uses them.

The Urban Ecologists are:

  • Trained in urban ecology to be naturalists for their neighborhoods and our region
  • Familiarized with environmental literacy, environmental justice, and civic participation
  • Given access to professional role models and resources at local colleges and universities
  • Introduced to numerous opportunities for nature-based careers
  • Trained to create and deliver programs, including activating parks and green spaces

Interested in becoming an Urban Ecologist?