ZooTeen Leaders create short films promoting conservation

How do you share an important message in five minutes or less?

Seneca Park Zoo’s ZooTeen Leaders rose to the occasion by creating eight short films to share the conservation work the Zoo does and explain how others can help protect animals in nature.

Creating these short films was a Zoo-wide effort. Zoo Society Director Pamela Reed Sanchez spoke with teens regarding the purpose of zoos and the conservation work happening at Seneca Park Zoo.

Teens also heard from guest speakers about various conservation topics and worked with area filmmakers, who provided advice for writing scripts and crafting short films.

And many zoo keepers supported the teen film-making projects by taking up-close footage of our animals.


Smiling ZooTeens at a 2014 event.


ZooTeen Leaders’ films were entered in the Fast Forward Film Festival, a local short film festival encouraging submissions that compel audiences to engage with the community and raise environmental awareness.

Join the Zoo team at the festival screening! Get tickets here.

– Anneke Nordmark, Youth and School Groups Program Coordinator