Scout Workshops

Scout Workshops

The Zoo offers an array of workshops for all levels of girl and boy scout troops. Programs are designed to meet the requirements for badges, and to build teamwork skills for scout troops.

Workshops range from two and a half to three hour sessions and usually include:

A Zoo exploration

Activities to help earn patches, badges, and more

An animal presentation

Girl Scout Workshops

Workshop Types


Daisy: 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!

Daisy scouts will learn about animal communication and caring for animals! Scouts will explore the Zoo and discover how our zoo keepers communicate with the animals under their care as well as how those animals communicate with each other. They will also meet some of our animal ambassadors and work on a craft about communication.

This experience will help fulfill sessions 1-5 towards earning their awards.

Daisy: Welcome to the Flower Garden

Coming to the Zoo is a great way to learn about the resources animals need and how to use them wisely. Scouts will explore the Zoo, meet some ambassador animals, plant a mini-garden, and learn about what plants and animals need to live.

This event will help fulfill sessions 1, 3 & 4 toward earning their awards.


Brownie: Wonders of Water

Water is everywhere and animals at the Zoo depend on it. Brownies will explore the Zoo while talking about all the ways that animals and people need water, and why it is important to conserve it. Scouts will also go on a journey with Freddie the Fish, discuss things they can do to help keep water clean, and create their own plan to save water.

This experience will help fulfill sessions 1, 2, & 4 toward earning their awards.

Brownie Naturalist: Bugs

Brownie scouts will learn all about bugs! Scouts will meet some bugs up close, as well as explore the Zoo looking for animals that depend on bugs. They will also be able to apply their new bug knowledge to making their own craft while discussing why bugs are important.

This experience will help fulfill steps 1, 2, 3 & 5 of the Bugs Badge.


Junior: Animal Habitats

Scouts will explore the Zoo learning about different animal habitats, what each animal needs to help them survive, and if anything is threatening their populations. Scouts will also create their own habitat for an animal, and discuss what they can do to help protect animals in their natural range.

This experience will help fulfill steps 1-4 of the Animal Habitats Badge.


Cadette: Animal Helpers

As they explore the Zoo, scouts will discuss the various connections between animals and humans. They will also learn about animal training and discover ways in which animals can help humans now, and in the future.

This experience will help fulfill steps 1, 2 & 5 of the Animal Helpers Badge.

Cub Scout Adventure Electives

Workshop Types


Fur, Feathers & Ferns

Scouts will spend time exploring the Zoo, learn about endangered animals, and discuss ways to help protect species. Scouts will also take a hike through Seneca Park where they will observe signs of wildlife, both from a far and up close, as well as learn about composting through a fun game.

This Adventure meets all 7 requirements.


Paws on the Path

Are you ready for a hike? This workshop takes scouts on an exciting hike through Seneca Park to observe and learn about local animals. First, scouts will prepare for the hike together with their guide, including compiling the “Cub Scout Six Essentials” and looking at maps. Scouts will get to meet local animals up-close and draw their own maps. Along the way, scouts will look for signs of animals, and then finish the hike by discussing ways in which they respected wildlife.

This Adventure meets all 8 requirements.


Tigers in the Wild

Scouts will explore the Zoo, go on a hike through the lower park, and create a song or skit in pursuit of learning about the environment and the impact humans can have on it. Scouts will also discuss the “Outdoor Code” and “Leave No Trace Principles for Kids,” as well as learn about our local plants and animals.

This Adventure meets all 7 requirements.

Webelos/Arrow of Light

Into the Wild

Scouts will explore the Zoo by observing the animals in their habitats, and discussing where else they live and what their jobs are in their natural range. Scouts will also learn about wetlands and local animals, and brainstorm how they can help to protect nature.

This Adventure meets 6 of the requirements.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshops

Workshop Types

Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and Amphibians

Finish your Reptiles and Amphibians Merit Badge at the Zoo! Scouts will explore the Zoo, study the various reptiles and amphibians that live here, and even meet some up close during a live animal presentation. Scouts will also learn ways to identify different types of reptiles and amphibians, and discuss how they can help to protect them.

These three-hour workshops are offered on scheduled dates and times, or on a date of your choice with a ten Scout minimum.

Please call (585) 336-2701 for pre-visit details.

Register for a variety of scheduled workshops for all scouts throughout the year.

Workshops can also be requested at different times, including after school and weekends. A minimum of 10 scouts is required.