Group Visits

The Zoo is the perfect place to spend the day with your group.

We offer discounted pricing for groups of 10 or more individuals who are 3 years of age and older.

For the safety and enjoyment of your group, you must book your visit in advance at the link below.

Group Discounts

April 1 through October 31

$10 Adults 12 – 62

$9 Seniors 63 & Older

$7 Youth 3 – 11

November 1 through March 31

$8 Adults 12 – 62

$7 Seniors 63 & Older

$5 Youth 3 – 11

The group discount does not apply to Zoo special event fees or to Zoo programs for which a ticket or fee is required.

Groups that come to the Front Gate without pre-purchased tickets or a reservation must pay regular admission rates for all visitors in their party.

For additional fees, you can add on one of the below experiences to your group visit.

Animal Presentations

These interactive learning experiences make a terrific addition to your Zoo visit! These presentations allow visitors of all ages to get up close and personal with our Animal Ambassadors from our program animal collection. These animals are not visible on your typical Zoo visit; they are only available to see with one of our themed Animal Presentations.

Each experience lasts about 45 minutes and includes three or four live animals, interactive activities and animal-related artifacts.


$100 for up to 30 participants; $85 for each additional group of 30. This fee is in addition to your group admission rate per guest.


Think field study and fun! A professional Zoo Educator will lead your group through a thematic, interactive experience! Expeditions take place in and around the Zoo and bring learning alive. Each Expedition comes with pre-visit materials to help your group get the most out of your visit.

All of our programs meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.


First 15 guests: $70; each additional 15 guests: $50. This fee is in addition to your discounted group admission rate per guest.

Helpful Information for your Group Visit

Group Visit Guidelines

Tips for a Great Group Visit

Book Early: You must reserve your visit at least three weeks in advance.

Bring Help: Be sure to have at least one chaperone for every five students.

Stop at the ZooShop: Souvenirs help you remember your trip and support the Zoo’s mission.

Try our different Food Stands: Let us take care of lunch while you’re at the Zoo.

Have fun and always respect the animals!

Checklist to Plan a Group Visit

Before you arrive:

Wait for confirmation from Seneca Park Zoo before booking your buses.

Book your buses and share our parking information with your busing staff. Travel with classes from your school whenever you can: share a bus. Save travel costs, pollute less, and have an easier time when you arrive at the Zoo.

When you arrive:

Wait with your group on the bus and wait for unloading instructions from Zoo staff.

Unload with your group and wait in your assigned waiting area.

Collect payment from your chaperones and have all payments ready.

A Visitor Services Representative will meet you in your waiting area to collect payment.

Place your lunches in the bin labeled with your group’s name.

If you have an Expedition or Animal Presentation booked, please wait in your assigned waiting area for an Education staff member to meet you and give you further instructions.

Other Important Info

First Aid and Lost and Found are located at the Zoo office at the front of the Zoo.

If you get separated from a child in your group, please stop any Zoo staff member and they will assist you.

When you leave the Zoo:

Gather your group at the front of the Zoo. A Visitor Services Representative will call your bus.