Global Conservation

Creating change in Rochester, NY & beyond

Seneca Park Zoo partners with several international organizations to support global conservation efforts. Thanks to Zoo members and visitors, we’re able to provide financial support, boots on the ground fieldwork, and advocacy efforts for worldwide conservation programs. 

Our Mission

Seneca Park Zoo inspires our community to connect, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places.

Providing Financial Support

Each year, the Seneca Park Zoo Society makes grants to conservation organizations around the globe that are working to save wildlife in wild places. In 2015, grants totaling more than $70,000 were distributed to organizations working on behalf of orangutans, lemurs, polar bears, African penguins, snow leopards, elephants, and more.

Boots on the Ground

Zoo staff are actively involved regionally and internationally in efforts to reverse extinction, from lake sturgeon and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes to Bornean orangutans and African penguins.

Advocacy and Awareness

Part of our mission is to ensure our guests and our community members have access to the latest information about conservation efforts and species survival. Visiting the Zoo, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and signing up for eNooz will help keep you informed and empowered.

Protecting and Preserving Ecosystems

Here are some of the places where we’re working to save animals from extinction.

You can help us support conservation efforts globally, in our community, and right here at the zoo by becoming a Zoo member