Local Conservation

Help us act on behalf of wildlife in Rochester, NY & beyond

At Seneca Park Zoo, we believe conservation begins at home. That’s why we offer a mix of free community programs and paid nature hikes that allow our community members, visitors, and members to engage with nature through local conservation and green space activation.


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Areas of Focus

Seneca Park Zoo gives community members like you the ability to protect local wildlife. Interested in getting involved? Check out our local conservation programs to connect with and protect local species.

Connecting People to Nature

Nature hikes and nature journaling programs encourage the community to get out and explore local parks and wild spaces.

Pollinator Habitat Restoration

Seneca Park Zoo has been conserving pollinator sites since 2002 with our Butterfly Beltway programs from planting pollinator gardens to selling seed packets.

Biosurvey and Community Science Programs

A wide range of citizen science-based programs that are hands-on help to promote stewardship of our area.

Workforce Development

The Zoo’s Urban Ecologists work in and around the Rochester community, promoting a healthy, positive relationship with the City’s natural spaces.

Remediation, Restoration and Research

Multiple programs through the year focused on cleanups and invasive species removals to help create a greener, cleaner community.

Celebrating Conservation in the Community

The Zoo Society’s Environmental Innovation Awards celebrate leadership in environmental stewardship.

Pounds of trash collected since 2017
Pounds of trash collected in 2022
Number of Community Clean Up volunteers since 2017

You can help us support conservation efforts globally, in our community, and right here at the zoo by becoming a Zoo member