Conservation at the Zoo

The conservation power of Seneca Park Zoo comes from the animals we care for and the people they inspire.  As a Zoo guest, you begin contributing to conservation when you walk through the front gate, supporting exceptional animal welfare, scientific research, and conservation education.

Seneca Park Zoo provides a daily work environment where every employee plays a part in cutting edge conservation science that can be applied in the field or at other conservation care facilities.

Conservation at your Zoo

Animal Health & Welfare

Seneca Park Zoo is committed to the highest standards of animal care. Our dedicated veterinary staff, zoo keepers, and zoologists provide enrichment, healthy diets, and positive reinforcement training that allows veterinary care to be a part of each animal’s day.

Conservation Science

Collaborative programs with other accredited zoo and aquariums ensure sustainable breeding populations of endangered species, while partnerships with local and international conservation organizations help to increase our conservation impact.

Innovative Programming

Seneca Park Zoo animal care staff, naturalists, educators, docents, and ZooTeens provide information about conservation to guests through animal encounters, keeper chats, educational programs, awareness days, and demonstrations.