Seneca Park Zoo partners with multiple Malagasy organizations like Dr. Patricia Wright’s WISE Tropics Inc, Madagascar Fauna Group, Duke Lemur Center, Lemur Conservation Foundation, and others to work on community-based conservation programs.

At least 17 species of lemurs have become extinct on the island nation of Madagascar because of habitat loss and poaching. Of the more than 100 known species of lemurs, all are considered endangered. 

How We Help

These programs are supported via grants from our Party Madagascar Docent-led event and money raised onsite. The programs include community education programs, sustainable workforce development, and community reforestation initiatives. Seneca Park Zoo has been supporting programs like these for over 20 years.

In recent years, Seneca Park Zoo staff has traveled to Madagascar to conduct bio surveys, documenting the plants and animals in the One Cubic Foot Project, as well as sponsoring a forestry specialist to integrate the Zoo in the reforestation more deeply.

Currently, we are developing a new project that uses remote sensing technologies and a conservation impact tool to gives our Madagascar donors access to the impact of their conservation investment in our reforestation projects.

In 2021, Seneca Park Zoo funded our first tree nursery set to plant 10,000 trees in late 2022.  The tree nursery is in the remote village of Kiranomena, and is one of the first nurseries in this region of the country. 

What You Can Do

When you purchase a ticket to attend Party Madagascar, a portion of the proceeds supports organizations like Dr. Patricia Wright’s WISE Tropics IncMadagascar Fauna GroupDuke Lemur Center, and Lemur Conservation Foundation. Starting in 2019, you will be able to sponsor individual tree plantings in the zoo as well. Funds raised will reforest public and privately-owned lands in Madagascar and provide support for forest stewards to ensure the long-term forest and community health.

At the Zoo

We are committed to bringing Bornean orangutans backs to the Zoo through the creation of a new Tropics Complex as part of the fulfillment of the Seneca Park Zoo Master Plan.

Every day is a great day to visit the Zoo. Experience life on the wild side, enjoy up-close animal interactions and support global conservation efforts—right here at the Zoo. Reserve your tickets now for quick and easy entry, and enjoy more time connecting with wildlife.

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