School Field Trips

The Zoo is the perfect place for a fun and educational field trip.

Schools must book field trips at least 5 business days in advance at the link below.
In most cases, 10 or more paying guests are required to receive the school rate. Please contact a representative for further information.

School Pricing

April 1 through October 31

For schools in Monroe County:

$5 per student | 1 adult per 5 students is free
$5 per each additional adult 

 For schools outside Monroe County:

$6 per student | 1 adult per 5 students is free
$6 per each additional adult

November 1 through December 31

 For schools in Monroe County:

$4 per student | 1 free adult per 5 students
$4 per each additional adult

For schools outside Monroe County:

$5.50 per student | 1 free adult per 5 students
$5.50 per each additional adult

For additional fees, you can add on one of the below experiences to your field trip.

Animal Presentations + Expeditions

Animal Presentations

These interactive learning experiences make a terrific addition to your Zoo Visit! These presentations allow visitors of all ages to get up close and personal with our Animal Ambassadors from our education animal collection. These animals are not visible on your typical Zoo visit; they are only available to see with one of our themed Animal Presentations.

Each experience lasts about 45 minutes and includes three or four live animals, interactive activities and animal-related artifacts.


$100 for up to 30 students; $85 for each additional group of 30. This fee is in addition to your discounted school admission per student.


Think field study and fun! A professional Zoo Educator will lead your students through a thematic, interactive experience! Expeditions take place in and around the Zoo and bring learning alive. Each Expedition comes with pre-visit materials to help your students get the most out of their visit.

All of our programs meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.


First 15 students: $70; each additional 15 students: $50. This fee is in addition to your School or Group Rate Admission.

How to prepare for your visit to Seneca Park Zoo

– Do a head count of students and chaperones.
– One person from your group will bring your payment and total numbers to our Admissions staff for check-in.
– Your group will receive Zoo safety instructions on the bus while someone from your group checks-in.
– Your group will unload and go to your assigned waiting area. Your check-in person will meet the group at the assigned waiting area when they are done with check-in.
– If you have scheduled an educational experience, an Education staff member will meet you at your assigned waiting area.
– You can drop off labeled lunches in designated picnic areas (Lower Road tent or the tent next to the tiger).
– Practice Zoo etiquette:

  • RESPECT the Animals: The Zoo is the animals’ home and we need to show them respect. Always use quiet voices and do not make animal noises because unfamiliar noises can be upsetting to the animals. Do not tap on enclosure barriers such as glass or fencing. Do not feed the animals.
  • Be SAFE: For everyone’s safety, do not run or climb on enclosure barriers. Keep your group together! If anyone or anything is lost, they will be brought to the Front Office.
  • Be COURTEOUS: Throw away all litter and recycle. Be respectful of other guests at the Zoo.

For additional teacher resources and funding ideas for your field trip, click here.