Spring Appeal

Support Your Zoo!

Every day of the year, someone like you is inspired by the engaging and educational experiences led by the Seneca Park Zoo Society team. From pre-K to seniors, everyone can connect to nature, wildlife, and our role in protecting the Zoo’s precious ecosystems through our unique programs. We know you deeply appreciate the value of conservation education and the wonders of wildlife, and I want you to know the crucial impact of your support

Generous donors like you who gave in response to last year’s spring appeal directly contributed to the creation of the Seneca Park Zoo Nature Cart, a completely fee-free experience with nature and wildlife for Zoo guests that gives them even more room for discovery during their visit. The newly created Nature Cart served over 7,000 guests in its very first summer. Your support makes new innovative activities possible, helping us reach people and inspire them to act for our environment and species survival.

Zoo Society Naturalists developed the Nature Cart to bring hands-on conservation learning to as many Zoo guests as possible. Children and adults explored a wealth of STEM related topics including water conservation, pollinator plants and insects, and much more, all through hands-on games and activities. Guests of all ages walked away knowing how they could take meaningful steps to conserve wildlife and wild places in their daily lives.

Your support of the Seneca Park Zoo Society Spring appeal will allow thousands of people to engage with programs here at the Zoo. You make it possible to create expanded topics and activities and extended hours for the Nature Cart in 2024.

A donation of $75 today will provide materials to create new activities for the Nature Cart.

A donation of $120 today will provide one day of Naturalists staffing the Nature Cart.

A donation of $600 today will allow for a full week of meaningful
conservation education programming to happen.

"My favorite part of teaching at the Nature Cart is the wide variety of conversations. The topic remains the same throughout the day, but no two interactions are identical. Guests of all ages get involved in the lesson, the games, and exploring the biofacts or infographics presented.

The Nature Cart encourages teaching moments without a strict script and invites the guests to converse, offer their thoughts and questions, and learn with the Zoo staff in a very natural way"

- Kimberly Bracken, Zoo Naturalist