2024 Award Winners

Presenting the 2024 Environmental Innovation Award winners who are striving to be leaders of change through sustainable stewardship and forward-thinking for a greener tomorrow.  

Youth Award

Noah Moretter "Noah's Recycling"

Noah has been passionate about the waste and recycling industry from a young age and started “Noah’s Recycling” in 2020, at age 12. He donates his time to collect recyclables and has expanded his business to include more residences, local businesses, country clubs, and senior living facilities across the east side of Rochester. Noah’s efforts contribute to the environmental well-being of his community, inspire his peers, and serve as a reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in safeguarding our planet.  

Large Business

Rochester Regional Health, Decarbonization

Following Rochester Region Health’s 100% renewable electricity pledge, they have now committed to the decarbonization of the entire organization. In partnership with RIT, RRH is developing a roadmap which includes plans for decarbonization across all 600+ unique physical locations. The roadmap will include site-specific energy efficiency and/or renewable energy deployment opportunities across the multitude of systems and buildings owned by RRH, modeling decarbonization pathways for others to emulate.  

Individual Award

Kyra Stephenson, Nature-based Learning Coach at Anna Murray-Douglass Academy School #12

Kyra is in her second year of developing an entirely new role – Nature based Learning Coach. In this role at Anna Murray-Douglass Academy School #12, a Rochester City School District school, she has built out a program that leads classes in nature-based learning, provides an in-school nature center for learning, manages two partnerships, and collaborates with teachers to empower them to use nature-based learning as a core strategy in their pedagogy. Her reach spans all grades from pre-K to 8, all students including a significant number of students learning English and in special education, families, and other educators. 

Small Business

Broccolo Lawn and Landscape, Broccolo Environmental

Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care is a pioneer of environmental approaches and has helped set evolving standards in the lawn and landscape industry, visible in projects like green roof installations at Fredrick Douglas Library, I-Square in Irondequoit, and Cornell University, as well as Ecoswales at Seneca Park and RIT and Rochester Museum and Science Center’s rain garden. Proudly celebrating 33 years, Broccolo continues to prioritize innovative and environmentally sound approaches to lawn and landscaping.  

Civic / Nonprofit Award

Rochester ENergy Efficiency and Weatherization (RENEW)

Established in 2015, Rochester ENergy Efficiency & Weatherization (RENEW) is a community investment engine that has developed an integrated, efficient approach to working with multiple community partners in housing, energy-efficiency, and environmental health by braiding and leveraging funding sources to address unmet need and make critical energy, health, and safety improvements in the homes of hundreds of income-eligible Monroe County homeowners. RENEW’s approach dramatically conserves energy and reduces the community’s carbon footprint, powers sustained homeownership and economic stabilization in underinvested neighborhoods, and cuts residential fuel costs by 20% to 50%, resulting in improved financial status for low- to moderate-income homeowners. 

Lifetime Achievement

Lisa Baron, Greentopia

Lisa has served as Boad Chair of Greentopia since 2014 and been a driving force behind Greentopia’s efforts to protect Rochester’s urban green spaces, expand access to parks and open space, and reimagine the role of High Falls and the Genesee River in support of Rochester’s future. With a bold vision for what High Falls can be, founded on protecting the falls and river corridor and creating new access opportunities for people to enjoy these spaces in a reimagined experience, Lisa remains a tireless advocate for this initiative.  

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