Back in Borneo: Chapter One

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Health in Harmony’s mantra, “Saving the Rainforest with a Stethoscope,” takes on greater meaning in this, our third conservation-medicine expedition to Borneo. Our veterinary mentoring of farmers and ASRI conservation staff last year has resulted in a more formal preventive medicine approach for cattle and goat herds, and in health trend tracking, performed and expanded by Jilli and Ibu Setiawati. Healthier livestock provides villagers with sustainable, forest-friendly, revenue generating alternatives to illegal logging and slash and burn farming practices.

We are honored and proud to participate in Health in Harmony and ASRI Klinik’s capacity building and mentoring initiatives which promote healthier lives for villagers and protect forest for 10% (2,500) of the world’s remaining Bornean orangutans currently thriving in Gunung Palung National Park.

Blog and photos by:

Dr. Jeff Wyatt DVM, MPH, Director of Animal Health and Conservation for the Seneca Park Zoo

Dr. Andrew Winterborn DVM, Seneca Park Zoo and University of Rochester veterinary alumnus; University Veterinarian, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


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