Conservation Warrior Award

The Conservation Warrior Award was established by Seneca Park Zoo to honor individuals whose innovation and commitment to conservation have led to lasting, meaningful impact on species survival. This award is also aimed at elevating awareness of the heroic work being undertaken around the world in partnership with the Seneca Park Zoo. 

In addition to the title “Conservation Warrior,” the award includes a $20,000 grant for the recipient to continue their conservation work, and a beautiful glass sculptural piece designed and created by the Corning Museum of Glass. For the inaugural Conservation Warrior Award SPZ selected Dr. Patricia Wright for her many years of dedication and commitment as a renowned anthropologist and primatologist.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello also issued a proclamation naming December 7th , 2022, as Dr. Patricia Wright Day! You can learn more about this and this incredible award  by reading our press release: 

Who is Dr. Patricia Wright?

Dr. Patricia Wright is a renowned anthropologist and primatologist who, after discovering a new species of lemur in 1986, has devoted her life’s work to the conservation of the extraordinary biodiversity endemic to Madagascar.  In 1991, she co-founded Ranomafana National Park, protecting 41,500 hectares of rainforest. She is Founder and Director of Centre ValBio field station, a state-of-the-art research facility employing more than 80 Malagasy staff and focused on the integration of local people in saving the forest, and thus, the lemurs of the forest.  

Her work was highlighted in “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,” a motion picture narrated by Morgan Freeman. She is author of five books and more than 200 publications, and recipient of three Medals of Honor from the Malagasy government.  Through governmental coups, worldwide pandemics, droughts, and major typhoons, Dr. Wright’s dedication to the biodiversity and the people of Madagascar has never wavered.  She is a true Conservation Warrior.  

Dr. Wright’s early years were spent in Rochester, NY, and it is fitting that the inaugural Conservation Warrior award be bestowed upon arguably the most influential conservationist to come out of the Finger Lakes region.

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