Zoo expansion begins to take shape

Check out the progress being made on the Zoo’s A Step into Africa expansion and new Cold Asia area.

January 8, 2018

Last July, Seneca Park Zoo officials broke ground on the first phase of the Zoo’s master plan transformations. The ground-breaking ceremony took place where a four-acre expansion of A Step into Africa will open in 2018.

Other significant changes coming to the Zoo this year as a part of the transformation include the beginnings of a new Cold Asia area with snow leopard and red panda habitats and a passenger tram. The historic Main Building will be razed in 2018, paving way for the next phase of enhancements.

The new snow leopard habitat will be adjacent to the animal hospital and provides opportunities for the snow leopards to climb rock formations as they would in their natural range. Red pandas, a species new to the Zoo, will arrive in the summer and live in a new habitat next to the snow leopards.As of mid-December, the walls of the support space for the snow leopard and red panda habitats have gone up. There is also a dramatic gradation to provide more realistic landscape and better viewing of the animals for guests.

Click image to enlarge and learn more.Construction crews have also made great progress on expanding A Step into Africa.

The exhibit will be home to giraffes, zebras, and ostriches, as well as a new, larger habitat for the Zoo’s beloved white rhino, Bill. In addition, the Animals of the Savanna will have indoor spaces for the large animals, an aviary, an aquarium of Lake Malawi cichlids, and numerous small habitats for animals like naked mole rats and rock hyrax.As your Zoo changes and transforms, we’ll be providing you with the latest construction updates so you can look forward to all that’s coming to Seneca Park Zoo. Learn more about the improvements and the A Wilder Vision Capital Campaign here.


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