Recognizing the efforts of innovative leaders

September 4, 2018

One of the things I’ve learned in my four years at the Zoo Society is that there are many people, nonprofits, and companies that share our passion for protecting the environment and living more sustainably.  And they are taking actions in their own lives and in their business practices to ensure our region has a greener tomorrow.  Rochester has always been a hub of innovation, and this movement into the ecological age has brought innovations in every type of business, as well as the inception of entirely new organizations.   But – so far – no one was recognizing these successes and sharing these stories.  

We created the Environmental Innovation Awards to honor the efforts of innovative leaders in our region, and, in so doing, inspire us all.  But we didn’t want to just host an awards event: we wanted to bring something new to our region, so we invited internationally renowned green design expert Bill Browning to join us.  He’ll speak with all of our guests at our awards breakfast about how (and why) we can bring nature into the workplace, and then he’ll be featured in a symposium, “Innovation Inspired by Nature.”   

Bill’s expertise in green design and sustainability has been sought by numerous governmental agencies and major corporations including Google, Walmart and Disney.  Bill and I recently were featured on WXXI’s Connections program, and you’ll find a link to the podcast here.  Take a listen, and you’ll get a taste of how powerful having Bill Browning with us can be.  Special thanks to our lead sponsor CPL, whose support for this event is making possible Bill’s participation.  

Bill Browning
Green design expert Bill Browning

If you know of a person or company that is deserving of recognition for their innovative environmental practices, please consider nominating them and helping us share as many great stories as possible.  Awards will be given in five categories:  Large Business, Small Business, Nonprofit/Civic, Individual, and Youth.  Self-nominations are welcome.  Click the button below to find out more. But don’t wait – nominations are due September 10 at noon.   

And I hope you’ll join us in celebrating environmental innovation and leadership in our region on October 25.  Together, we can all help ensure a greener tomorrow for our region.  

– Pamela Reed Sanchez, President and CEO, Seneca Park Zoo Society