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Do you have a passion for some of the scaly and slippery species? This is the weekend for you! Amphibians & Reptiles Weekend is dedicated to the lizards, snakes, frogs, and other animals of those species in our care here at the Zoo. While they are not the biggest or fluffiest – we love them just the same and they play just as crucial a part in their ecosystems as many of the bigger mammals that are typically more thought of. 

This weekend we will be raising money for two great conservation organizations: Project Golden Frog and Turtle Survival Alliance! We encourage our supporters to check out their stuff and the amazing work they do and donate to our Facebook or onsite fundraiser this weekend that will go to support them. For every $5 donated you will be automatically entered to win a turtle or snake-made painting OR a meet-and-greet with one of the Burmese pythons in our care for a feeding! 

Learn about some of the similarities and differences between amphibians an reptiles on our blog here.

Is it a frog or a toad? Check out this blog from one of our keepers for some basic characteristics to help you out.

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