Happy Birthday to African Elephant Genny C!

Nov. 9, 2021

Happy Fall everyone! November is a very special month here at Seneca Park Zoo because it is Genny C’s birthday month! On November 1, Genny turned 44 and is our oldest resident here at Seneca Park Zoo. Being a geriatric elephant means there is more day-to-day care for her and she even receives regular acupuncture sessions to help her joints. Orphaned in Africa, she joined us in 1979 and has won the hearts of everyone who has met her ever since – especially her keepers! She is our tallest elephant and also has the shortest tusks. Another way to tell Genny C apart from the others is that she purrs – listen closely when you are at the elephant habitat and you may just hear her doing it! She truly enjoys spending quality time with her keepers – always ready to participate in a training session, especially if there are bagels, cabbage, or watermelon involved.

Here are some of her keepers favorite things about her 🙂

“She is really sweet and a joy to work with” – Zookeeper Mike

“I love how she is patient with new keepers” – Zookeeper Hanna

“She is trusting and resilient” – Assistant Curator Lindsay

“I love that when she lays down to sleep she uses a tire pillow and that she purrs” – Zookeeper Kat

“She puts hay on her head and it looks like a hay hat!” – Zookeeper Jenna

Next time you come visit Seneca Park Zoo, come down to elephants and give our oldest lady a big wave and “Happy Birthday!” We hope to see you soon!

– Zookeeper Hanna Kaiser

Photo by Hanna Kaiser
Photo by Hanna Kaiser

*Banner photo by Wayne Smith