Jungle Jog: A Family Affair

June 26, 2018

Whenever summer rolls around, I find myself counting down the days until the Sunday in July when Seneca Park Zoo Society’s Jungle Jog event reunites me with family from near and far.

I participated in Jungle Jog for the first time six years ago in 2012, alongside my husband Alex, sister Kathy, and mother Kim. That year, my uncle Chris Zunner drove all the way from New York City to surprise us and has made the trip to run this race every year since.

Since 2012, we’ve had quite a few other family members join us at Jungle Jog, including cousins from Niagara Falls and family in Niagara County. In addition to everyone running, we bring with us our very own cheering section – including my dad, my aunt, and my brother’s wife. This event has become a great day for all of us to come together.

This year, Chris even organized a Facebook group to ensure the Zunner family is very aware of the event date. We’re hoping to get even more people involved this year that have yet to run or walk this 5K.

We all run the Jungle Jog course at our own pace, and then wait for each other at the finish line. But there’s certainly some healthy competition amongst us!

What I enjoy most about this race is running the beautiful course that takes you through the Zoo and lower Seneca Park. It’s a beautiful park that we don’t get to see very often. The kids in the family really enjoy the Fun Run after the 5K and most years, we take advantage of free same-day admission to the Zoo.

It’s always fun to run a race that you not only enjoy, but you know the money you spend is going to a great cause. You also won’t find a happier or more fun crowd supporting you along the course.

Jungle Jog is a day our family looks forward to every year, knowing we’ll not only get to see other, but we’ll have a great time for a great cause.

– Kelly Zunner Daniels

Alex Daniels
Kim Zunner
Kathy Zunner
Christopher Zunner
Nick Sturdivant
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