My Story: Barbara Kelley

“My Zoo is one of the few places you can invest in the community, while also impacting the world.”

Barbara Kelley, Seneca Park Zoo Society Trustee and supporter since 2005

Like many people, I visited the Zoo with my children and grandchildren, but then thought I had “aged out” as they grew up. I got reintroduced to the Zoo about twelve years ago, when I was in a corporate role at Bausch + Lomb. Zoo leaders came to pitch us on investing in a capital campaign, and I was really intrigued with their vision. We knew from research that Seneca Park Zoo was one of the most important community organizations to our employees – from line workers to executives – so we got involved in the campaign.

Since then, my involvement with the Zoo has grown extensively.

I serve on the Board of Trustees because I believe in the deliberate emphasis the Zoo has in education and conservation. My great-grandchildren have attended ZooCamp for several years, and my eleven-year-old great-grandson always amazes us with animal facts he’s learned from camp.

I know that my energies and investment in the Zoo not only impact our community, but they impact the world. And not just for a year or two, but they have a truly lasting effect.

Most people who haven’t been here in years are amazed at how the Zoo is more relevant than ever.

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