MyConservation.LifeIntroducing MyConservation.Life, a revolutionary new platform to engage donors in conservation impact.Zoos and aquariums donate over a quarter billion dollars to conservation initiatives each year. Seneca Park Zoo grants nearly $100,000 alone.

But individual donors often don’t ever hear about what their donation resulted in or whether it made an impact on the conservation need.

Seneca Park Zoo Society is working to change that. We’re creating – a platform where donor, fieldworkers, and administrators work together to create closed-loop reporting on the impact of an individual donor’s contributions.

Our first initiative is with reforestation in Madagascar. With 90% of Madagascar lacking healthy forests, essential habitat for animals like lemurs is scarce. Soon you will be able to make a nominal donation to plant a tree in Madagascar. You’ll be able to go online to monitor the exact tree and its impacts (see image below).

We’ve partnered with organizations like RIT,, ixo, and Centre val Bio to make this idea a reality. Read more about it here.Subscribe to eNooz to be among the first to know when goes live in 2020.Subscribe to eNoozClick to enlarge.

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