Seneca Park Zoo Society’s Spring Appeal 2023

Your support makes it possible for us to engage hundreds of thousands of people in meaningful ways, equipping them to become environmental stewards.

We work to inspire every guest who walks through our gates or attends an outreach event through encounters with wildlife and education about conservation. 

Each guest has the potential to become a conservationist who takes action to help save wildlife and wild places. The more people who commit to making our world a better place through action, the more opportunity we have to truly make a difference for species survival and to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Your support is what makes this possible.

The Zoo Society is committed to fostering an appreciation for nature and the importance of conservation among people of all ages with our programs at the Zoo and throughout our community and region.

Your investment in the Seneca Park Zoo Society is an investment in the future. Your donation is crucial to our ability to provide quality education and conservation programs, recruit and train hundreds of volunteers annually, encourage guests to live more sustainably and provide meaningful guest experiences.

Will you consider making a gift today to our spring appeal? 

Thank you for your support of Seneca Park Zoo Society



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